Instrument Transformers

Instrument Transformers

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Our organization has gained great laurels as exporter and manufacturer of Instrument Transformers. They are excellent accuracy class electrical instrument utilized for isolating or transforming current or voltage levels. The most common use of device is to run instruments or metering from high current or high voltage circuits, safely isolating supporting control circuitry from the high currents or voltages. The transformer's primary winding is lined to the high current or high voltage circuit, and the relay or meter is connected to the supporting circuit. We offer these Instrument Transformers at approx. Rs 22,500 / Piece.


  • Minimal load to the current supply
  • Prolonged working life and High current circuit
  • Standard Voltage transformer: Accuracy level upto 0.05 ( Calibration: NPL, Delhi)
  • Standard current transformers: Accuracy level upto 0.05 (calibration: NPL, Delhi)
  • Current injecting sources: upto 5000 Amperes.
  • Voltage sources: upto 50 kV three phase variable.
  • Neon lamp transformers: upto 15 kV epoxy molded.
  • Ignition transformers: Both dual pole and single pole upto 15 KV in epoxy pump mounted and normal mounting designs.
  • Dry type lighting transformer: upto 500 kVA.
  • Metering Cubicles: upto 33KV as per APTRANSCO standards.
  • Specific usage transformers

Main Detail:

Cooling Type

Dry Type/Air Cooled


Three Phase

Power (VA)

33 KV