PT Oil Cooled Potential Transformers

PT Oil Cooled Potential Transformers

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Manufacturing as well as exporting of the finest grade PT Oil Cooled Potential Transformers has supported us to acquire a great level of trust amongst clients. This type transformer is developed to offer minimal load to the supply being analyzed and have an exact current percentage and phase relationship to enable right subsidiary related metering. These are manufactured by passing an individual main turn (either an insulated cable or an uninsulated bus bar) by means of a well-insulated toroidal core covered with several turns of wire. This affords convenient implementation and utilizing the pass-through conductor as a just turn primary. Approximately Rs 23,000 / Piece of PT Oil Cooled Potential Transformers are sold by us.


  • Convenient implementation on great voltage bushings
  • Supporting turn core and Longer functional life


  • Straight measurement of voltage in High Voltage Unit is impossible due to insulation issue of measuring devices. It is also impossible to utilize straight voltage for the unit protection application because of its high insulation and high value problem protective relays. Hence, voltage transformers are utilized to step-down the high unit voltage to low standard value exactly in ratio to their proportion.
Additional Information:
  • Item Code: 33KV-PT

Minimum Order Quantity

1 Piece

Power Rating

33 KV


Three Phase